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About Us

Board of Directors

See a list of our Board of Directors.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio is to promote the study, appreciation and conservation of the native plants and plant communities of Ohio.

Society Goals

•             Promote conservation of native plants and native plant communities through habitat protection and other means.

•             Foster public knowledge and appreciation of native plants.

•             Support proper methods of natural landscaping.

•             Raise awareness of the ethical issues regarding native plants.

•             Encourage surveys and research into native plant species and the publication of findings.

•             Promote cooperation with other programs and organizations concerned with the conservation of natural resources.

Membership Benefits

•             Subscription to the On The Fringe journal, which contains articles by local and regional experts highlighting a variety of subjects, including identification tips and techniques, native plant propagation and gardening, invasive species information, and book reviews.

•             Annual meeting with speaker jointly sponsored by Cleveland Museum of Natural History Explorer Series.

•             Field trips to a variety of natural areas throughout northeastern Ohio, highlighting the unique flora of the region and led by some of the area’s top botanists.

•             Lectures and workshops on native plant identification and propagation.

•             Photo documentaries of trips to unique natural areas.

•             Joint trips to other areas of the state with like-minded organizations.

•             Plant surveys of newly protected natural areas for non-profit organizations.

•             Annual member’s photographic presentation of the previous year’s highlights.

Non-members are always welcome to participate in all activities!

Society Functions

•             Offers an annual grant for work in the field of botany or conservation that supports the mission of the Native Plant Society and demonstrates excellence in research, conservation or education. The grant is funded by a special endowment, established by Ann Malmquist, a founding member and our first President. Donations to the endowment are tax deductible.

•             Promotes the conservation of native plants by cooperating with other agencies in programming, events, and publications.

•             Contributes funds to the Center for Plant Conservation.

•             Affiliate member of Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Botanical Garden.

•             Member of Lake Erie Allegheny Partnership (LEAP), Center for Plant Conservation, Ohio Invasive Plant Council, Ohio League of Conservation Voters, and Center for Biological Diversity Native Plant Conservation Campaign.


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